Virgin EMI – November 30th

“You’re on your own, kid,” just might be the perfect statement to open Alessia Cara’s sophomore release. Expanding on the concept of growing up too fast from her critically-acclaimed debut, The Pains of Growing presents a more mature outlook on life as Cara navigates her way through adulthood, comes to terms with the end of a relationship, and searches for answers to life’s biggest questions. Highlights such as recent single ‘Trust My Lonely’ solidifies Cara’s trust in herself, while the soulful ‘Comfortable’ showcases her powerful vocal abilities and ‘My Kind’ takes the form of a bittersweet and nostalgia-fuelled love song. Overall, the album makes excellent use of Cara’s much-loved songwriting formula, blending captivating vocals with steady R&B rhythms, drawing focus towards the songs’ lyrical content.

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