With his meandering, psych-tinged dream-funk it makes sense that Aldous RH has played alongside the likes of Connan Mockasin and Sean Nicholas Savage. As the former Egyptian Hip Hop frontman gears up to release his debut album next week, we caught up with him to talk tadpoles, quiche and J.G. Ballard.

His latest single ‘Reply’ sees Aldous RH lament the feeling and experience of being ghosted with his distinctive soulful crooning flowing serenely atop woozy, resplendent grooves and mellow percussion. The accompanying video, made during lockdown with the help of friends and fans, touches on the intertwined notion of fomo, as the Manchester-based musician details “The video for Reply deals with the fear of missing out, which is a bit of a modern plague for romantic and personal relationships. People are constantly looking for the next best thing & neglecting the things that already surround them. A lot of us also yearn for the attention of those who pay us no mind, more often than not this becomes a sad cycle, half the time your unrequited love is in the shadow of your unrequited lovers own unrequited love.”

Ahead of Respect 4 Devotion coming out next Friday, get to know Aldous RH In Short…

Three words to describe my music… gaudy, nostalgic and sleek.

Last photo on your phone… the tadpoles we just invited into our garden pond.

Favourite Instagram account… benny_revival : the future of rap

The best venue I played… The Highland Park Ebell Club, a weird old building in Los Angeles with a lot of history as a women’s club & helping to give women the right to vote!

Earliest song you remember… firestarter by the prodigy, when i lived in turkey we only had MTV for english speaking television & this music video terrified me for along time

The worst job I ever had… was as a kitchen porter in a dessert restaurant, all the equipment was broken & the melted chocolate that covered everything was almost impossible to remove.

The thing I most love to cook… Quiche is quite easy but very rewarding! especially like doing it with broccoli, mushrooms & parmesan.

My favourite word… ‘Indictment’ it doesn’t sound how it looks & it can be used in alot of contexts; Its also quite fun to say for some reason.

My favourite book… The Drought – J. G. Ballard, an interesting but bleak outlook on our dying planet.

Things that cheer me up… warm weather, playing football & making my friends laugh.

If I could play a gig anywhere it would be… I’d love to make it to Mexico to play a concert someday, they’re very passionate about music out there – none of that ‘too cool’ British apathy we’re prone to.

I think you should listen to… The Foetals, John Carroll Kirby & Handle

If I could see anyone play live it would be… Curtis Mayfield, that’ll never happen but if I had a time machine I’d be front row for a show in 1972. Music has rarely been as funky or politically relevant since.

Respect 4 Devotion is out Friday 29th May via Moshi Moshi. Pre-order here.

Photo credit: Chan Kim