Photo by Emile Barret.

Houndstooth – May 11th

Of The Matter And Spirit, the debut album from Aïsha Devi, was far more than a tentative first long player from your average club producer. Majestic stretches of calm would splinter against industrial lurches as meditation, and thus a deeper state of consciousness, guided her on an ambitious, exhilarating musical journey.

If DNA Feelings is a further extension of that trip, it does so immediately with a more cohesive intensity. The title track swallows up the listener and barely relents, ‘Aetherave’ and ‘Hyperlands’ proving particularly haunting in their claustrophobic stranglehold, while ‘Light Luxury’ is a thrashing battle between cascading, shrieking synths and Devi’s brooding vocals.

A disorientating but ultimately rewarding listen, this is a fractured, challenging spin on electronic music that sidelines the club and encourages total immersion.

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