Ahead of the release of their new EP, London-based Afriquoi feature in our latest In Five…

Since forming in 2011, London-based six piece outfit Afriquoi have gone on to become synonymous with fiery live performance and their unique fusion of Congolese guitar, Gambian kora and high energy electronic sounds from the UK. Check their latest single ‘Acid Attack’ below, with a full EP to follow this year. ‘Acid Attack’ is out now, via Parisian label Mawimbi Records.

‘Acid Attack’ was recorded in Brixton and then mastered at Metropolis Studios in west London. The lyrics, sung in the Madinka language of Gambia and South Senegal, speak of what happens when an individual stands separate to the group; “It is not good to be rude/ It is not good to be shameless”.

Afriquoi have wowed crowds from Glastonbury to WOMAD to Dimensions and beyond, and with more music on the way, 2020 is set to be another exciting year for the band.

Following the release of ‘Acid Attack’, the title track from their upcoming EP, Afriquoi present our latest In Five.

Débruit – Nigeria What?

This was a huge tune when we were first starting out, just so fresh with that African guitar line mixed with amazingly punchy synths and drums. Great to see Débruit enjoying such success now with Kokoko

Terry Callier – You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman

Candy man’ Terry Callier has been a great influence on my sound, I love the honesty and resonance in his songs and tone, and this bass-led track drives you through emotional depths of soul, folk and jazz, while echoing a spiritual connection of someone he missed. It’s a great story delivered with passion and should be served loud through high fidelity speakers.

The Specials – Too Much Too Young

Obviously they are nothing like us in terms of musical style but we love how, like us, they are a racially mixed band. Especially in the 70s and 80s, that was a massive deal and such a positive thing at that time. It’s such a positive thing for people to see a band made up of different people, collaborating and making something beautiful – that’s what Afriquoi is all about – we’re proud to have members with origins in five different countries (and spanning four decades in age!).

Crazy Cousinz – Inflation

This was also a massive tune when we first started – part of that UK funky wave that looked like it was going to be absolutely massive but just kind of disappeared (although, Crazy Cousinz was later discovered by Drake and did become pretty big). Love the rhythm, the dark energy and the intensity.

Ifang Bondi – Sanjo

From the Gambia, one of the first West African bands to tour West Africa and Europe extensively and inspire a new generation of musicians.

‘Acid Attack’, the latest single from Afriquoi, is out now on Mawimbi.