Run For Cover/Orindal Records – October 5th

Since retiring his renowned Casiotone For The Painfully Alone moniker in 2010, Owen Ashworth’s Advance Base has never sounded better than over the ten songs that comprise Animal Companionship. There’s something astutely pure in Ashworth’s approach to songwriting here that speaks utter volumes for his incomparable twenty-year career.
Though these songs are typically laden with subjects of pain, nostalgia, heartbreak, and melancholy, Animal Companionship proves to be an immensely therapeutic experience for Ashworth and his fans alike. From the delicate instrumentation on ‘Dolores & Kimberly’ that seem to trigger goosebumps on cue, to hearing Ashworth drolly imitate barking on ‘Your Dog’, it’s an album that deserves an honest listen and truly leaves the listener with a better sense of self and sensitivity.

Photo by Jeff Marini.

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