With their new album out now, cult dance-punk duo ADULT. talk us through five tracks that have influenced the sounds on their latest offering.

Released earlier this month, Perception is/as/of Deception is a hypnotically hedonistic and heady rush of driving dark-wave electronica, punkish ferocity and brooding techno that really has us missing the dark, sweaty release of the club. The duo, comprised of Detroit-based artists Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus, has been making music as ADULT. for over two decades, capturing visceral anxieties and frustrations with their strident, searing electronica. Their eighth studio album, Perception is/as/of Deception comprises a potently industrial, uncanny and wry addition to ADULT.’s expansive discography.

Get to know ADULT. In Five…

1.  D.A.F. ‘Was Ziehst du an Heute Nacht’ (Gold und Liebe) for ‘Second Nature’

We have always loved how the analog sequences of D.A.F. have meandered through keyboard trigger changes.  This is not something we do very often.  So, when were setting up our demo studio (in our basement after painting the walls and floor black and covering the windows to create an isolation tank of sorts) we made sure we had a midi/cv keyboard inserted into the midi/cv chain between the Doepfer MAQ 16/3 analog sequencer and the Sequential Circuits Pro-One it was triggering so we too could move the analog sequence up and down the keyboard as we pleased like they do so very well.

2. SWANS ‘Like a Drug (Sha La La La)’ (Children of God) for ‘Don’t Reduce Me’

We rarely trudge through repetitive sludge styled music.  As this song was developing, we realized we were.  We looked to the sludge lords SWANS to note their musical pokes and dramatic surprises that can keep a sludger alive with variety and life amongst the decay it is dragging with it.

3. Fad Gadget ‘Collapsing New People’ (GAG) for ‘Why Always Why’

Frank Tovey just has a way about his vocals that is always identifiable. A sing-song affair, so confident, so matter of fact. When ‘Why Always Why’ was coming together, I felt total inspiration from his spirit and his craft.  I realize there is a great difference in musicality, but there is a certain attitude and sentiment that I feel resounds with a wherewithal.

4  Drexciya ‘Hydro Cubes’ (The Quest) for ‘TOTAL TOTAL DAMAGE’

Drexciya has always been a main source of influence for us because of how effortless their structures seem and how they defy the genre they have been put into by critics and journalist (Detroit techno/electro).  To us they are one of the true punk bands.  Their inspiration is easy to see in this song, but they have always been inspiration since day one of ADULT.

Silent Servant ‘The Strange Attractor’ (Negative Fascination) for ‘Have I Started at the End’

We rarely have so little snares.  We rarely stay in such a trance.  The changes and transitions in our music are usually abrupt.  We looked to Silent Servant’s feeling of hypnosis that we have always felt a kin to, both seductive and masochistic.

Perception is/as/of Deception is out on Dais Records now.