Meet Doncaster-native Adam Taylor, aka ADMT. His slick but streetwise take on love, loss, heartache and the reality of being a young man in the 21st Century took shape during his formative years in Doncaster. Growing up with a love of James Brown, Taylor soon took to classic soul and old school hip hop during his teenage years. After a stint touring as a drummer, Adam has taken the solo route as ADMT and presents his first official release ‘Dream’.

During these times of uncertainty, ADMT gives us an injection of optimism, reassuring us that things will get better. Bearing his message with infectious vocals and an intricate genre crossing sound, the unique emerging songwriter’s new track ‘Dream’ carries a lot of weight. Speaking more on the track Adam shares:

“Dream is about Finding something worth striving for – looking at what is happening around us and in our lives and understanding that it doesn’t have to be that way. It won’t be that way forever, because everything is temporary. We have to believe that things will get better regardless of how negative a situation can seem.”

“I just think being as positive as we can is the only choice we’ve got. So many things seem broken, and so many people are struggling. I have doubts as much as anyone but if we let ourselves concentrate on the negatives then It only makes things worse; and what use to other people are we going to be if we’re consumed by the bad stuff. I just feel personally I have no choice but to believe things will get better.”

Brimming with R&B beats and massive pop hooks, the sound of ADMT ticks a lot of boxes. After releasing two demos on Soundcloud Taylor has received much support from tastemaker press already, not to mention scooping support from Huw Stephens & BBC Introducing.

“Even though I’m skint, it’s fine. You can’t buy that kind of thing. I work hard to remember everything that happens. I believe I’m an individual. I know who I am. I hope that my music and who I am comes across as genuine. I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, but it’s real.”

Listen to ADMT’s latest release ‘Dream’ here, keep up to date with him via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Photo credit to Declan Creffield