bettsBlood and Biscuits – November 25th

If I were two-thirds of Three Trapped Tigers I’d feel a little slighted right now. Colossal Squid is a statement of intent from TTT tub-thumper Adam Betts – “Anything you can do,I can do solo”. The album is a calculated clusterfuck of cascading rhythm and synth that only an octo-limbed organism could pull off alone. From the frenetic Djent n’ bass of ‘Drumbones’ to the twinkling chillwave of ‘Hero Shit’, Colossal Squid is surprisingly diverse, with equal care given to the melodic progression as the interwoven barrage of percussion. It’s a primal display of man-meets-machine, brains-meets-brawn, and fans of Betts’ TTT day-job will find lots to love in this elemental racket. Detractors will say it‘s all triggers and software, but it’s hard to deny Colossal Squid’s intelligent design.


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