Abyss X’s bold, brooding and experimental pop is spellbindingly intoxicating, driven in particular by her incredible voice. As she gets ready to release her debut album INNUENDO next month, we caught up with the Greek artist to find out five tracks that have influenced her and her sound.

Her latest single ‘Love Altercation’, the opening track from the upcoming record, is a heady, turbulent listen, overflowing with swirling, otherworldly melodies and heavy, swaying beats that offer a trip-hop influenced instrumentalism. Under the surface, unsettling mechanic experimentalism simmers whilst Abyss X’s impressive four-octave ranging vocals are undeniably hypnotic, stirring up something deeply primal. It’s a hazy fever dream of a track, that feels like wading through a misty, dusky-hued liminal space. And this is a pretty apt mood for the whole record where Abyss X’s stunning cinematic and warped soundscapes offer an enchanting and uncanny essence.

INNUENDO will also be followed by a remix edition with reworks from the likes of SOPHIE, DJ Rosa Pistola, Rui Ho, Gabber Eleganza and more.

Get to know Abyss X In Five…

Tricky – Makes Me Wanna Die

Tricky is definitely one of my influences since a young age, also one of the most versatile producers in trip hop. It’s difficult to pick a favorite track but Makes Me Wanna Die is definitely his most soothing one.

Perfect Blue OST – Virtua Mima (Voice Version)

This track is a classic and definitely the most emotional one from the Perfect Blue OST, I’ve used in various mixes and dj sets, it works really well layered up. I’m a big fan of only voice tracks, I think there should an official music genre for this type of music.

Hisato Higuchi – Girl Sister 

This track is comforting, beautiful vocals, great for night time listening. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics, I feel like it communicates every emotion regardless, whatever emotion you want it to give.

The Legend Lady J – Chronic Dope 

Memphis 90s rap. Period. Legend Lady J is raw and brilliant, I love the production on this whole tape.

Kelela (ft. Inc) – The Softest Place on Earth (Xscape cover)

I feel like the lo fi vibe here and simple lay down of Kelela’s vocals over guitar made this intimate cover to sound better than Xscape’s original track. Been thinking alot about the idea of the softest place on earth during lockdown.

‘INNUENDO’ is out June 26th on Deep Matters Of The Heart.

Photo credit: Orograph