In the age of DIY music, 20-year-old East London native Max Hanley, aka Leyma, is no stranger to producing his own music. Starting his career in music from his bedroom at 15, we fast forward to his latest release Tomorrow’s Almost Over – a welcome escape from 2020. Leyma gives us a a classic London sound by combining the sounds of hip hop, R&B, and indie paired with personal yet relatable lyrics – a true introduction of who Leyma is, and an insight of what is to come.

Leyma gave us an exclusive track by track below.


checkers is the opening track of the project. I wrote checkers one day whilst I was working on a construction site, these boys must of thought I had some next stomach issues because I kept going toilet and recording voice memos. It is the goodbye to the past and opens up the project up for the three sides of leyma to flourish. This song is spouted from the ‘(an) Nova Check(ered) past, left the Burbs last week’ word play. Written about a time when I left home, it didn’t go to plan- but the songs about accepting that lessons were learnt in the process. Looking back, laughing and moving on.

been a minute

been a minute is a track I wrote two weeks into lockdown and I hadn’t seen anyone. So after spending a lot of time with my new guitar, I had the chord progression down and then hook came naturally. It is just a love song. Being away from people you love, feeling that absence and disconnected.


control introduces the character the worst. The track is angsty, and upset. It was written after an anxiety attack I experienced. I didn’t really understand what had happened until I wrote the song. But most of us are good at running from our problems, and losing grip when they catch up to us. This is that. Going round in circles, without structure, without control.

suns3t broadcast

suns3t broadcast is an interlude, I wrote in France. I was spending a lot of time alone and found myself watching sunsets on YouTube. The tracks a half-realisation, these sunsets aren’t a remedy for the confusion and angst the worst conveys in the last track. It ends with a phone call unanswered, so the second half of the project has leyma go searching for these resolutions.


lightsdown tells a story narrated by the wise about the worst. This track was written late last year on a train journey home from some awful champagne party in central. As sterling’s finest ended not too far from bank station, lightsdown brings the ep full circle and return to the starting place. It follows the protagonist on a sketchy journey to a bridge. I wanted to paint a vivid picture with this track and shine a light on the darkness of the conversation hence the title lights down.


Wait4ever is the answer to the questions of uncertainty, and the feelings of being lost presented in this project. Time is the ultimate healer. there’s always another day and life will continue, no matter how dire the situation you find yourself in. Tomorrow’s Almost Over which is an acronym for Tao, in toaism they teach that all things pass (day for night, winter for summer happiness for sadness) and getting caught up in any part of life will make it harder then, or later down the line. Wait4ever is this reminder.

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