Feeling angry? Or maybe just scared? If so, LIFE are the band for you. Because they’re angry and scared, too.

To help you decode and contextualise our strange modern world, the quartet of noisy underdogs from Hull have just recorded their debut album in London. Titled Popular Music, it fittingly ‘sounds like panic and anxiety’ according to frontman Mez Sanders-Green.

“It’s the sound of shitting it about whatever happens next week,” he adds. “It’s an LP made up of the psyche of everyone who can see they’re getting fucked – and there’s a lot of people getting fucked right now.”

But we say… don’t get mad, get even. And while you’re at it, check out their upcoming gig at The Great Escape festival in Brighton next month where you can enjoy tap into their primal rock and snarky political lyrics.

The band, who sound something like the evil lovechild of The Fall and The B-52s, are sure to impress with their edgy live performance. Produced and mixed by Grammy award winner, Ian Dowling (Adele) at The Fish Factory, it’s a blistering, claustrophobic listen.

To find out a bit more about the angst-ridden foursome we tracked down Mez to ask him to name five of his favourite albums. And as expected, his list features plenty of anger and art in equal measure. Here’s what he had to say:

Protomartyr – Agent Intellect

Like a crazed priest spouting true-isms. Like the sound of the myths running through the back of my dank dark mind. Like the wise king of the toads telling me to drink more and cut shapes into the oak. A loaded cannon of music that dissolves the gum from a well-trodden path. Like magic.

Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

What can you say about Dead Kennedys? Bold, brash, powerful thought showers with political rhetoric, slung guitar and erratic vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on an overdub of the Roadrunner cartoons. Never stop calling out the greasy overlords. Excitement.

The Fall – Grotesque (After the Gramme)

Mark E Smith is John Lennon – but good. This fella is a lyrical master. His acidic tongue made me wanna get up on stage and bark. This is the best Fall album in my opinion and has a great swing to the tracks.

Pixies – Doolittle

The kings of weird pop. Lyrical madness. A masterpiece that once you press play needs to run through and through.

XX Teens – Welcome to Goon Island

A doozie of gonzo music. Hooks galore. Brilliant in every sense. I don’t know what happened to these legends but this really got rinsed on my turntable and I often go back for some more.

LIFE play The Great Escape festival in Brighton on May 18th