I’m not sure if everyone feels this way but The Great Escape is somewhat intimidating, the amount of music, people and space it covers is like contemplating a marathon. Each year we go down and in some vain hope that we know as much as we can about the next 3 days, preparing by listening to every single band on the official line-up.

This year we’ve whittled it down to just over 60 of our total favourites in the shortlist, and more than double that in our long-list if you’ve got a bit more time to indulge. And of course we’ve got our very own must-see list which is too long to ever complete but over-flowing with a range of new talent. Of course we’re excited to have our very own stage at Bleach this year feat. Froth, The Parrots, Homeshake, Kane Strang and more, so if you wanna come say hi, you know where to find us.

Follow the playlist on Spotify here.

Need More? Dig into our long list for even more hidden gems.

The Great Escape returns to Brighton on May 18th-20th