felte – June 17th 

Since exploding on to the Toronto scene roughly five years ago, post-punk trio Odonis Odonis have gone from strength to strength. Interested predominantly in the angrier and more angsty side of the genre, their previous releases were deliberately abrasive affairs, back-boned by an uncompromising weight. It’s somewhat of a surprise then, that the band’s third effort, Post Plague, is arguably their most accessible release to date.

Accessible it may be, but that doesn’t mean to say Odonis Odonis have done away with the weight that characterised such releases entirely. Instead, the onus has merely switched, the emphasis now on propulsive electronic grooves rather than cataclysmic guitars. Such a switch is almost universally positive. The frenetic, arpeggiated synth of ‘Needs’ for instance, driven forward by its pulsating bass, or the fractured fizz of recent single ‘Vantra Black’ harbour both the weight we’ve come to expect, and a new found pop sensibility that bolsters the album’s structure to no end.

Elsewhere however, Post Plague‘s emphasis on the fuzzed up electronics does hamper the record slightly, with some tracks feeling a little too familiar. ‘BLTZ’ for example, lives up to its name by bludgeoning listeners with staccato snares and imposing walls of guitar and synth, whilst the ever-present throb of ‘Betrayal”s bass line verges on EDM, and feels a little of sorts compared to the likes of ‘Lust’ or ‘Pencils’.

For the most part though, Post Plague is a solid effort, and one which feels both accessible and paradoxically typical of a band who subvert convention. Built around a deftly executed dichotomy of industrial weight and melody, it’s a record that could appeal to a whole new audience of fans for Odonis Odonis.

Words: Dave Beech

Live: The Waiting Room – July 20th
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