In conversation with Mass Appeal back in April last year, Destiny Frasqueri drew her battle lines clearly: “The patriarchy, the dick-swinging: it’s all boring, and it makes me snooze. Male energy is currently being challenged by alpha female energy. By softness, by right-brain beauty. With that aside, I still like to make people feel uncomfortable and, in a sense, fuck up their senses, while I blow them kisses.”

Five months on, the Bronx-born, Afro-Nuyorican MC previously known as Wavvy Spice – now named Princess Nokia – made good on her word, dropping 1992, one of the most exciting mixtapes of 2016. Flow like a fireball, her cuss-heavy rhymes ooze aggressive self-belief.

Take the Saint-produced ‘Tomboy’: over crisp, militaristic drum rolls, the vicious revving of motorbike engines and trap-inspired subs, Frasqueri rips apart the male gaze, taunting her audience with the hook, “My little titties and my fat belly.” On the 90s rap-referencing ‘Saggy Denim’ she’s trading lines with Wiki from Ratking over soulful 70s samples, meanwhile the minimalistic ‘Brujas’ finds her proudly detailing her Afro-Latino heritage. Listening, you’re not surprised most of her peers “make her snooze”: presumably nobody else can keep up.

Princess Nokia – 1992
September 6, 2016 – Buy