Why do you live in London?
I was born here, I’ve pretty much lived in the same 10 mile radius in south-east London my whole life, but London is so multicultural and has so much going on that whenever I think about moving out I get scared about what I’m going to miss out on.

Where are your go-to food spots?
Currently have a little obsession with souvlaki, so I’m either getting something from Souvlaki Street on North Cross Road Market or from the Athenian in Shoreditch.

It feels like we’re slowly getting into Spring, does that make a difference to life here?
I get a more legitimate reason to wear sunglasses. There’s a lot more options of things to do with my kids, there’s a lot more green spaces than you’d imagine to visit in London and some of the best parks so it’s good time to explore them.

What’s the worst thing about London?
London paranoia – I think growing up as a kid in London you learn how to handle yourself on the street and how to react in certain situations but that can also lead to this feeling where you’re hyper aware of everything and everyone around you. I guess it’s a positive, being ‘streetwise’ but I do sometimes wonder what it would feel like to be naive to it all.

Favourite outdoor space?
Greenwich park, I’ve been going here since I was a kid. It’s got a really good atmosphere in the summer.

What part of London would you love to live in?
To be honest if I was going to live anywhere other than south-east London then it probably wouldn’t be in London. Different parts of London have their own eco-system and I understand south the most.

What’s your perfect way to spend a day here?
The sun’s shining through my window as I’m asked this so it may affect my judgement but you can’t go wrong with a visit to Greenwich, visit the market, sit in the park with some food and run around with the kids.

Do you have any favourite venues?
Phonox in Brixton is really nice to play in, good sound, good lighting, good crowd. I’m also a big fan of Rye Wax, the record shop in Peckham that turns to a club, they’ve got a better sound system than a lot of the bigger clubs and it can make for a really nice intimate show.

Does living here influence the music you write?
Most definitely. London is so multicultural and so densely populated that all of the cultures have no choice but to mix together. So the music here is heavily influenced by its migrant cultures, what I think we’re really good at doing as Londoners is taking influences from the cultures around us and affecting it in a way that it very much sounds like a London sound, a UK sound.

How would you advise someone to get the most out of London?
Living here my whole life there’s so many things on offer that I take for granted simply due to it just always being there. So my piece of advice would be just to explore everything, take in the different cultures, go to the clubs, experience the creativity that the city breeds. Visit the famous sites if you like but don’t let that be the end of it.

Mr. Mitch – Devout
April 28, 2017 – Planet Mu