London clubnight Kobayashi Nights is a year old and to celebrate they’re releasing a compilation of a bunch of the bands they’ve put on including Brunch, Dog Chocolate, Mega Emotion, The Ethical Debating Society and The Jelas. It’s called Kobayashi Nights I: Intergalactic Champions and most of the songs are new or previously unreleased tracks. The compilation comes with an sci-fi-football comic and quality prints of the hand-drawn/painted gig posters.

Even better we’re offering a lucky winner a copy of their special edition ‘SET PHASERS TO AWW YEEEAH!!’ All-Poster Pack, which includes the compilation, comic and all five gig posters. Catch the next show at The George Tavern on 23rd March feat. Goldblooms, Pet Crow & more.

We asked each of the bands on the compilation to explain a bit about their track. This is what they had to say. Stick the album on and dive into the madness.

1. Mega Emotion – Look Right

Iain ME: “‘Look Right’ originated in a project called ‘From ME to You’, in which we recorded 50 separate and unique songs tailored to the first 50 people who ordered our debut EP. One of those lucky chumps was poet/actor Luke Wright; but we reworked the song and gave it a new chorus and title. Lisa wrote most of it, but she refused to keep the title ‘Luke’, which I think is much better than calling it ‘Look Right’. ‘Look Right’ is a stupid title. She’s really brilliant at writing lush synth pop, but I disagree with her about mostly everything. We argue a lot. We’ve known each other since school, so that’s why. Jan, as the third member of the band, is very good at mediating and telling us to shut the fuck up and get on with it. Anyway, this relationship dynamic is reflected in the final result; me and Jan think the song is fantastic, but Lisa thinks she can do better, and so it’s being left off our forthcoming album. Sorry Luke, it’s not your fault mate.”

2. Brunch – Landlord

Sean: “Landlord was inspired by watching yet another BBC4 doc about punk or the 60s or whatever and seeing a generation of people that can’t stop harping on about how great everything used to be and how today’s kids are rubbish and uncool, and kind of feeling like these are the exact people responsible for everything being so fucked now. It is also very poppy and fun sounding so not all that miserable really. We recorded it in a practice space somewhere…not sure where exactly, and it was initially to be part of our album Big Water, but ended up getting left off. In a way I think it’s good as a standalone thing, it’s perhaps not that representative of us as a band but we enjoyed playing it live those two or three times in the summer of 2015 – it’s about as close to a pop banger as we are ever gonna get I think.”

3. Dog Chocolate – Wish For A Cat (demo version)

Matt: “This song is a true story about accidentally cosmically ordering a pet, the cat’s preference of hot spot to sit on and what it looks like. I think it’s recorded before the album version as we tend to record most versions of new songs before we settle on the final structure. I guess we like this because it’s kinda doofy and brings out the silliness of the song and a bit of the stupid stuff we do at practice. We’re often just making dumb noises at each other.”

4. Megaflora – Anxious

Max: “Anxious is a song from quite early on in Megaflora’s life. I pitched the melody really high, don’t know what I was thinking! At the time I’d had a rough previous year with anxiety, which I’d been fortunate enough to not suffer with properly before then, and it’s really about my feelings of helplessness and not feeling able to change the situation. At least, I think, our catchiest song came out of it!”

5. The Jelas – Amateur Noun

“Having been together for roughly 10 years we recorded Amateur Noun at JT Soar in Nottingham with the brilliant Phil Booth. It’s less busy than our songs tended to be up until that point (perhaps we’re tired) and is perhaps a decent representation of how most of our songs sound currently (easier on the joints). It’s about lying to someone for an extended period of time, and features a reference to Points West, the south west’s regional news broadcast.”

6. Just Blankets – Polydactyl

Claire: “I wrote the lyrics to the song shortly after losing my cat, I wanted to keep the memory of his sweet nature as well as relating to others who have lost non-human friends in their life. Tiger was a polydactyl cat and was born with more toes than normal, so it made sense to call the song after his defining features. The song is about loss, I felt it was important to write a song that was a direct representation of my grief and hopefully people can relate to the song in someway. Having Tom lead in vocals seems to make sense as personally it’s a difficult song to sing live and I really like the sound of our voices in harmony and drives the sentiment of the song. I always make a point of dedicating the song to Tiger and the big-footed sweetheart he was.”

7. The Vanity Project – Good Guys And Bad Guys

Rob: “Good Guys And Bad Guys came about from a conversation I had with some friends of mine about Jeremy Corbyn. We’d all been so excited about his being elected Labour leader; it felt like the first time someone who truly represented our principles had risen to prominence in modern politics. But the accusations of anti-semitism in the Labour party had just broken and they’d totally turned on him, saying the party would be unelectable with him as leader. I largely agreed with them, but it made me sad that someone who had been an unequivocal good guy turned out more complicated. It made me wish that things were as simple as I’d seen them when I was younger; Peter Pan, good guy, Captain Hook, bad guy, left wing, good guy, right wing, bad guy. Thematically, the song fits with the rest of our EP, in terms of dealing with disillusionment and coming to terms with ‘real life’. Sonically though, it’s much rockier, with crunchy guitars and some really ugly synth lines.”

8. The Ethical Debating Society – Paywall

“We wrote ‘Paywall’ last year and recorded it this January so it’s brand new, we’ve only played it live a few times. It’s a bit less noisy than some of our stuff and has more space in it, but we’ve always written different kinds of songs anyway. It’s about culture as a commodity, how we’re manipulated to buy watered-down ideas which keep us distracted and dumb us down, ‘buying a peace, buying a piece’. It was originally inspired by parts of a chapter from Dialectic of Enlightenment but there’s also a line supposedly from Mandy Rice Davies, ‘you don’t make a bomb by plodding along’ which we thought would work nicely as a counterpoint. Basically, you grow up questioning everything and you get to a point where you start back questioning the questions! You can end up in a queasy relationship with what passes for common sense. What if it’s actually our illusions that are keeping us going?”

9. Carl White – look of the cook

“Penned just yesterday, the song tells of the discovery of a troubled man’s diary that leads those around him to worry..”

10 Mardemarmo – Sagan

David: “The truth is that our tracks don’t usually start from a particular subject. They evolve by themselves and every time they mean something different. In the case of Sagan, the intention was to have a happier track to the others. It was the last to be composed I think, and I remember it being the most difficult. There are always songs that you have to leave to mature in a drawer for it to develop into what you were hoping for when you come back to it. And personally I think that it fits in perfectly with how we want our tracks to be. Energy-calm and destruction (jaja!). It’s a beautiful track, perhaps my favourite.”

11. House Plants – Llama Blanket

Ed: “The song is about a blanket that I had when I was a boy. It had what I thought were llamas on it. But I don’t think they were. It’s about being warm and cosy under a blanket that you love.”


DLo: “HELLOMIRE is ostensibly about a hotel in space where the hopeless go to wallow in an eternal cosmic mire. Or something. It might be about other stuff too. I’ve had a draft of the guitar part for a while, but couldn’t quite figure it out… suddenly a month ago I played it to the guys and it just all fell into place effortlessly. As always the bass and drums took it in quite a different, exciting direction. We’re really chuffed how it come out – a proper energetic pop song, and one that crucially doesn’t exceed two minutes!”

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