Introducing Chikaya, the cosmic blue haired new age singer-songwriter making waves with her debut EP Descend.

Singing over beats produced by her flatmate, who remains anonymous, the duo have been able to create a trail of ethereal magic, which has culminated in her 6 track EP which was recently featured as number 1 in Jamz Supernova’s top 5 new EPs on BBC Radio 1Xtra and well as racking up previous plays from Toddla T, Phil Taggart, Charlie Ashcroft and more.

The mood of the EP evolves from song to song, gradually transitioning from playful to contemplative. Though her wording is often ambiguous, messages of wisdom can be derived from the singer/songwriter’s elegantly woven lyrics, sung in a voice both warmly textured and chillingly soulful. Rich with reverb, her voice shines majestically atop a sonic bedding of spacey synths and wholesome bass.

The Descend EP was recently included as number 1 in Jamz Supernova’s top 5 new EPs on her 1Xtra show and previously Chikaya’s music has been played by Toddla T and Phil Taggart at BBC Radio 1XTRA, Charlie Ashcroft at Amazing Radio and featured in Music Crowns, Dummy Mag and FACT Mag among others. She has also featured on Youtube music channels including 1-800-LOVE-U, FOMH and dynmk.

Here Chikaya has listen five tracks that have been important to her throughout her life.

SPOOKY BLACK – Without You

When this came out, I must have listened to it a thousand times, It was on repeat for weeks! I’m pretty sure i speak for a lot of people too. He just captured the mood perfectly and i’ll always go back to this song.

OUTCAST – Spottieottie

Andre 3000 is my favourite rapper, I could listen to him all day. I chose ‘spottiottie’ in particular because it just always makes me happy listening to it


I listened to a lot of KOL, when i was a teen, they’re older albums Pre 2008 were so sick.
‘Arizona’ is one of my all time favourite songs.
Lyrically, Instrumentally and vocally Its really beautiful from start to finish.

MICHAEL JACKSON – Rock with you

Michael Jackson has always been in my life, ‘Moonwalker’ was the film i watched religiously on video as a child.
Theres so many classics but I’ve gone for ‘Rock With You’ because its so damn silky smooth haha, and that Silver outfit in the music video was legendary.

KELELA – A Message

I really look up to Kelela, I just really enjoy her as an artist and a female in the public eye who expresses herself genuinely.
Watched her live this year and i was mesmerised when she sang this!

Chikaya’s Descend EP is out now.