The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The Echo of Pleasure // Album...

As bold and as confident a record The Echo of Pleasure is, it does begin to blur in to one on repeat listens.

Bicep – Bicep // Album Review

Bicep have created a sublime record that’s as at home on the dancefloor as it is in your bedroom.

Alex Cameron – Forced Witness // Album Review

Cameron's morphed into character again, but the world this time around is a much murkier one.

Mogwai – Every Country’s Sun // Album Review

Every Country’s Sun blatantly looks to the band’s past for inspiration, while constantly looking ahead to the future.

Sløtface – Try Not To Freak Out // Album Review

Equal parts thoughtful to reckless, Sløtface triumph with a blowout of fiercely fun pop tunes.

Portico Quartet – Art In The Age Of Automation // Album Review

From the nimble drumming to the rich layers of strings, no semiquaver goes unexamined.

Liars – TFCF // Album Review

"If you listen you will hear that sound right there in my mind", he sings on highlight "No Tree Branch", and that's what this record sounds like - a trip in to a fascinating, hilarious and disturbing psyche.

CYMBALS – Light In Your Mind // Album Review

This is CYMBALS relaxing into their identity, breaking down barriers and seeking new beginnings.

Susanne Sundfør – Music For People In Trouble

Introspective, unguarded and tonally sombre, Music For People In Trouble finds the classically-trained, musical polymath reverting to singer-songwriter mode...

The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding // Album Review

If the album's flawless predecessor put The War On Drugs on the map, this effort cements his project as the finest exponent of Americana indie rock on the planet.

Nadine Shah – Holiday Destination // Album Review

Something tightly wound, more experimental and, dare we say it, sonically up-tempo.

Queens Of The Stone Age – Villains // Album Review

Are Josh Homme's gang of rock'n'roll punishers stepping into safer, more chart-friendly territory?

Widowspeak – Expect The Best // Album Review

Widowspeak’s fourth full-length has a defined sound that the band has been working to perfect.

Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins // Album Review

Painted Ruins sees the band at their most adventurous and sonically diverse with its shifts, stylistic breaks and layered electronic flourishes.

Cloakroom – Time Well // Album Review

The album's glacial sparsity does sound jarring in the middle of summer, but they’ve always been a band of blending dynamics.

Ólafur Arnalds – Eulogy for Evolution 2017 // Album Review

What is remarkable about Eulogy for Evolution is how contemporary it still sounds.

Ghostpoet – Dark Days & Canapés // Album Review

Fourth album Dark Days & Canapés continues the live band sonics of its predecessor Shedding Skin while sounding like a more realised work.

Downtown Boys – Cost Of Living // Album Review

Cost Of Living, the follow-up to their brilliant 2015 debut Full Communism, sees them continuing to fight for what's right.

Samantha Urbani – Policies of Power // EP Review

Samantha Urbani's debut EP is laced with gross 1980s excess - but is that a good thing?

Oneohtrix Point Never – Good Time OST // Album Review

It nags your brain with its day-glo tension.

Frankie Rose – Cage Tropical // Album Review

Cage Tropical contains all of the refined maturity that comes from a fourth solo album.