Marin – Only Echoes // EP Review

The release showcases the fluidity of her vocal, at home driven by a drumbeat and immersive synths.

Lapalux – Ruinism // Album Review

You could say that, to him, less is more – and that's no different on his latest effort, Ruinism.

Toro y Moi – Boo Boo // Album Review

Boo Boo is as widescreen and elastic as pop albums get...

Mr Jukes – God First // Album Review

First and foremost, this is an album with its roots deep in the hip-hop culture of sampling.

Big Thief – Capacity // Album Review

As with its predecessor, the beauty of the work is Adrianne Lenker's ability to blend her stunning songwriting ability...with an almost Brothers Grimm-esque hue...

Kane Strang – Two Hearts And No Brain // Album Review

With his often deadpan delivery, and always sharp lyrics, Strang captivates and charms with less than cheery subject matter.

Yoke Lore – Goodpain // EP Review

Going by the moniker of Yoke Lore, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Adrian Galvin has managed to impress with atmospheric beats and plush vocals on his latest EP.

B Boys – Dada // Album Review

Brooklyn's B Boys debut effort gels like they have been holed up in a small room together for months on end.

Ratboys – GN // Album Review

A worthy addition to both the American dream-pop and post-country genres.

Rips – Rips // Album Review

Rips is a self-reflective litany of personal failings; a stream of consciousness on frustrations with self and society.

Lorde – Melodrama // Album Review

Lorde's new album full of heartbreak and Melodrama reviewed by Rhian Daly

Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex // Album Review

Instrumentally the record is pleasant enough, if a little uninspired.

!!! – Shake the Shudder // Album Review

!!!’s work has always been political, but here on Shake the Shudder the focus becomes more personal and self-reflective.

Mt. Wolf – Aetherlight // Album Review

Throughout their trajectory one thing has been prevalent: their appetite to push their song-writing and sound to monumental heights.

Pumarosa – The Witch // Album Review

Pumarosa have achieved something envied by all artists alike: carving out their own, attributable sound.

Her’s – Songs of Her’s // Album Review

This round up of their material so far adds another dimension to the band’s spritely sound and shows off their ability to pen an earworm in whatever guise.

VÖK – Figure // Album Review

...a journey into a subterranean rabbit hole of melancholy dream pop.


Jambinai tick all the right post-rock boxes, complete with their own brand of euphorically performed soundscapes.

Los Angeles Police Department – Los Angeles Police Department // Album Review

Ryan Pollie’s lyrics are enigmatic and all at once dramatic, romantic and abstract.
The Big Moon

The Big Moon – Love In The Fourth Dimension // Album Review

Nevertheless, it's brimming with charm, and The Big Moon are certainly one of the most capable new bands making music today

JMSN – Whatever Makes U Happy // Album Review

The album smacks of a confidence and assurance in its own stylings; a statement of intent from an artist who has finally found his own voice.