John Grant – Love Is Magic // Album Interview

Danny Wright gathers Tim Boddy and Hassan Anderson to tackle Love Is Magic.

Advance Base – ANIMAL COMPANIONSHIP // Album Review

There's something astutely pure in Ashworth's approach to songwriting here that speaks utter volumes for his incomparable twenty-year career.

Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – Tomorrow Comes The Harvest // EP Review

West African percussion meets pioneering Detroit drum patterns in the pair's first collaborative release.

The Goon Sax – We’re Not Talking // Album Review

It feels like Beat Happening locked in Antipodean adolescence, while there are shades of The Pastels' early minimalism, too.

Spirtualized – And Nothing Hurt // Album Review

It's been seven years since 2012's Sweet Heart Sweet Light, and the world might be a horribly different place but, thankfully, J. Spaceman is still making stunning classical/gospel/blues/space-rock.

Dilly Dally – Heaven // Album Review

A year spent writing got the band out of the woods and back on gloriously abrasive form and, despite its uncertain beginnings, Heaven is a beacon of positivity.

Aphex Twin // EP Review

We listened to Aphex Twin's long awaited Collapse EP

Oliver Coates – Shelley’s On Zenn-La // Album Review

Radiohead affiliations, Mica Levi collaborations and Southbank residencies may catch the eye, but cellist, composer and producer Oliver Coates is a formidable artist in his own right.

Christine And The Queens – Chris // Album Interview

LiS writers Emma Madden and Charlotte Krol sat down with Danny Wright to talk all things Chris.

Noname – Room 25 // Album Review

We listened to Noname's impressive follow up album, Room 25

Jungle // Album review

We took a look at the "heavily introspective and wildly addictive" new album, For ever, by Jungle.

Knife Knights – 1 Time Mirage // Album Review

Yet it's their 11 tunes that cut the deepest with their spellbinding fusion of rap, blessed funk and tough soul.

Low – Double Negative // Album Review

It's demanding music, but it sounds like they needed to make it.

Honne // Album Review

Honne's recent body of work ‘Love Me/ Love Me Not’ is the sophomore album that fans have been waiting for...

Anna Calvi – Hunter // Album Review

On a record of refinement rather than reinvention, the corners are darker and the brightness more dazzling than before.

Szun Waves – New Hymn To Freedom // Album Review

Abbott provides the brooding sonic ballast with his synthesizers, while Wyllie and Pike thoughtfully duck and dive around each other.

Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound // Album Review

Don't be deceived by the opening post-punk guitar work, this album is synth-heavy and psych-laden...

Marquis Hawkes – The Marquis Of Hawkes // Album Review

A rare long player that captures the sheer fearlessness of its creator.

Her’s – Invitation To Her’s // Album Review

There really isn't another band in the UK that can make the plastic plod of a drum machine sound so dreamy.

Anna Meredith – Anno // Album Review

Anno is a complex listen that demands absolute attention from the listener in its frantic strings and dramatic crescendos.

Dizzy – Baby Teeth // Album Review

Baby Teeth sounds like it was made for drifting down deserted suburban streets in that weird half-light before dawn, full of yearning.

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