Slowdive // Live Review

If tonight is designed to prove the detractors from all those years ago completely wrong, then without question the mission is complete.

MUNA // Live Review

"Pop probably isn’t going to save the world, but it can sure have a great time trying."

Martha // Live Review

Politically charged, with dry wit in spades, Martha are the quintessential Fortuna Pop band.

Black Honey // Live Review

Black Honey brings the excitement and engagement of an IV drip mixed with pop melodies, swift guitar hooks and nostalgia for a culture which existed before our own.

Husky Loops – Husky Loops // EP Review

It’s a tricky task to pin Husky Loops down. One thing’s for sure: they’re not going to be shining any light into their darkness anytime soon.

Thundercat // Live Review

With brain-melting riffs noodling out at a dizzying rate, many of the audience watch on in bemused astonishment.

Cloud Nothings // Live Review

As if it needed proving, they are masters of their craft.

Adam Betts // Live Review

Grant Bailey marvels at the wonder of Adam Betts live
Jerkcurb Jacob Read

Jerkcurb // Live Review

Jerkcurb's newly filled-out band play freaky show at Angel's Electrowerkz.

Lady Leshurr // Live Review

Stand first: The ‘Queen’ of grime delivers a confident, energetic performance with humour, honesty and ingenious wit.

Pick A Piper // Live Review

A near seamless masterclass of cohesive performance; colourful, engaging and bursting with energy.

AJ Tracey // Live Review

The 22-year old West London MC ensures that the final show in the XOYO trilogy is one to remember, proving why he is currently turning a lot of heads.

Estrons // Live Review

Fuckboy-inspired favourite ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ creates a lasting impression of Estrons as a band kicking patriarchy in the nuts (and making some pretty fine melodies whilst doing so).

Orchestra Baobab // Live Review

Time passed quickly as Orchestra Baobab played for nigh on 100 minutes.

Amber Arcades // Live Review

Amber Arcades' Annelotte de Graaf's voice is understated yet commanding, meandering through sweet melodies.

Puma Blue // Live Review

Puma for the cagey, twitchy power of singer/head-honcho Jacob Allen. Blue for the feels you get when listening to his sexy falsetto .

Boris // Live Review

Their overdue return to London saw them celebrate the 10th anniversary of their legendary Pink album.

Oozing Wound // Live Review

The Brixton Windmill’s speakers may wobble – but they don’t fall down. Thankfully.

Cigarettes After Sex // Live Review

Cigarettes After Sex have mastered the art of understatement in an age of overstatement.

Max Pope // Live Review

More than anything, it is the sincerity of Pope’s enthusiastic brand of poppy guitar music that shines through.

P Money // Live Review

When P Money finally takes the stage, the mosh-pit explodes as he launches into ‘Panasonic’.