Ross From Friends // Live Review

The extra presence supplied by live musicians, combined with an energy that only 2am-in-Corsica-Studios can supply, results in a very special show.

Car Seat Headrest // Live Review

Car Seat treat London to a pulsating offering of their very own refined breed of guitar music.

Green Man // Festival Review

Green Man was a joy. Shamelessly middle class at times, yes. But going on the music and lack of hangovers, a joy.

10 Reasons to go to Slottsfjell next year // Preview

This year we went out to Slottsfjell festival in Tønsberg, Norway, to hang out on a mountain, watch some bands and eat a whole...

Soccer Mommy // Live Review

"I didn’t know there would be so many people in London who’d want to see me," laughs Nashville’s Sophie Allison...

Sheer Mag // Live Review

Under the slightly sterile lighting of the Assembly Hall the closeness of their sound gets lost, and that’s a shame.

Latitude // Festival Review

Latitude takes the opportunity of its twelfth edition to further verify its liberal, family-friendly superiority.

Farr Festival // Review

Not many in the UK can compete with Farr when it comes to putting on a party with such dizzying brilliance...

Citadel // Festival Review

Citadel may have been their only UK festival of the year, but boy did Foals make it one of their best.

Brainchild Festival // Review

Being free from the grimey clutches of the Man is key to Brainchild’s appeal, joyous energy and critical success. It’s also the only festival I’ve been to and not seen a single can of Carling...

NOS Alive // Review

NOS Alive is an absolute blast of a festival.

Warpaint // Live Review

The Californian four-piece deliver a set that builds from mellow beginnings to a euphoric finish.

Arcade Fire // Live Review

The Canadian heavyweights nearly blow the roof off at their joyful 4th July live show.

Peaking Lights // Live Review

Oozing pheromones, Peaking Lights’ acid-laced pop is the perfect endorphin shot for balmy festival afternoons.

Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda + Nubya Garcia // Live Review

The band radiated optimistic energy to an audience nervously anticipating the results of the day’s general election.

Amber Mark // Live Review

For a debut performance, Mark certainly displayed potential.

Heliocentrics // Live Review

A set of adept psychedelia, a miasma of swirling trance drawn from European space rock, North African funk and South Asian ragas.

The Comet is Coming // Live Review

Comet Is Coming are a formidable live force...

Angel Olsen // Live Review

Her voice judders like on record but in person it’s more visceral; it’s Olsen alone, but it’s her at her best.

Dutch Impact at The Great Escape // Live Review

We went along to see the best of Dutch talent at The Great Escape.

Yakul // Live Review

If Brighton label Tropopause are looking to take things to the stratosphere, they’re off to a flying start with Yakul.