Sea Pinks // In Short

Get to know Sea Pinks better and win tickets to their Bush Hall London gig.

Willie J Healey // In Short

After touring with Beach Baby and Palace, Willie J Healey's Sideshow Bob barnet and slacker attitude has become a familiar sight across the UK.

George Maple // In Short

George Maple answers our questions ahead of The Great Escape and her show at Birthdays London.

Homeshake // In Short

We talk to Homeshake ahead of the Great Escape in Brighton, where they play our stage.

Vök // In Short

Dream-pop with a dark twist, Iceland's Vök have a striking ability to craft arresting soundscapes with a melancholic edge.

Ariana and the Rose // In Short

Cosmic synth-pop talent Ariana and the Rose is making waves both sides of the Atlantic with her cool-girl pop beats.

Charlotte Day Wilson // In Short

we catch up with Charlotte Day Wilson ahead of The Great Escape in Brighton

Gothic Tropic // In Short

After touring with Kate Nash in back in February, Gothic Tropic is back in the UK this month for shows at The Victoria and The Great Escape.

Agar Agar // In Short

French duo Clara and Armand met at Beaux arts school in Paris and there began experimental techno-pop group Agar Agar.

Shitkid // In Short

We catch up with Shitkid ahead of her The Great Escape Festival shows.

ALMA // In Short

With her neon-yellow hair and no-fucks-given attitude, ALMA doesn't come across as your average pop-star.

Lea Porcelain // In Short

Arriving in London via Berlin, Lea Porcelain create a sound rich in dark synths and brooding guitar lines.

Hater // In Short

Hater answer our prying questions ahead of their London Gig at The Old Blue Last for PNKSLM

Afriquoi // In Short

From their South London beginnings, Afriquoi have spent the past six years refining their unbelievably energetic live shows.

Maria Kelly // In Short

Maria Kelly talks to us ahead of her EP release and show at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton

Daymé Arocena // In Short

Get to know Daymé Arocena better ahead of her London Gig at Jazz Cafe


We ask some prying questions to New Zealand's Fazerdaze ahead of The Great Escape

Wyldest // In Short

We chat to Wyldest ahead of their 'A Night Of Celebrating Women In The Music Industry' show with a host of great bands

Our Girl // In Short

We quiz Our Girl ahead of their show at The Waiting Room.

Sigrid // In Short

We get to know Sigrid a little better ahead of her performances at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.


The countdown has begun to The Great Escape. The festival is just 10 weeks away from detonating the South Coast with the sounds emanating...