Baywaves // In Photos

Madrid based babes Baywaves have been on our radar for a while a now with their psych-tinged pop sound. This summer sees them playing a bunch of high profile festival slots and in between they’ll be popping by The Waiting Room this week for a huge London headline show. We asked them to take some photos of their days for a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Paris: sleeping on the cab on our way between the airport and the hotel. Way more comfortable than Ryanair 💙

Paris: got to play in Paris’ town hall square, just five minutes away from Notre-Dame. Pompidou Center emerging in the background.

Madrid: this is our rehearsal room, we’ve been recording and demoing for the last couple of months so here we can see Marco presumably listening to the 15th try on the kick sound.

Somewhere on our way to Portugal: since we started touring we’ve kept a map of the best highway restaurants in Spain and this a lovely burger place near Valladolid (Shell Tordesillas 🍔 ✨)

Calpe: on our way to Valencia we stopped by Calpe to visit the amazing Muralla Roja by Ricardo Bofill, early postmodernism mixed with balearic vernacular at it’s finest.

Cerdanyola: with our friend Brian from The Zephyr Bones in the backstage of Amic Amiant fest in Cerdanyola, near Barcelona.

Cerdanyola: sleepy David and drunk Fran.

Madrid: Carlos with the one an only microtonal banana guitar 🍌, the day we opened for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard in Madrid.

Subiza: Fran recording new songs (out soon) in the official “i’m recording and haven’t showered in 3 days and my gold chain is totally fake” tracksuit uniform.

Subiza: Fran and David, happily asleep, in the small shed by the studio.

Baywaves play The Waiting Room on July 6th