Grant Bailey


Teen Creeps – Birthmarks // Album Review

Expect taut, introspective indie in the traditional mould.

Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It...

For early detractors it was easy to dismiss Rolo Tomassi as a curio, but the group have had time to mature and metamorphose into a more nuanced beast.

Shamir // Interview

“That time in the music industry was valuable, if only to figure out that I didn't want to play the game.”

Lenmania // Live Review

Lenmania has come a long way from an in-joke.

Protomartyr – Relatives In Descent // Album Review

It's all as rich in love as it is in violence.

Arcade Fire – Everything Now // Album Review

Arcade Fire fully embrace the synth and sleaze of their new direction.

Sheer Mag // Live Review

Under the slightly sterile lighting of the Assembly Hall the closeness of their sound gets lost, and that’s a shame.

Blanck Mass – World Eater // Album Review

Top-heavy with dense electronica, a subdued sonic sensibility and clean production wrangle sanity back from the brink in a considered second act.

Adam Betts // Live Review

Grant Bailey marvels at the wonder of Adam Betts live

Lowly – Heba // Album Review

For the most part Lowly are content to sound effortless.

Foxygen – Hang // Album Reviews

Hang sees Foxygen at their manic apex, languishing in a mould of by-gone pomp-pop

Brandon Can’t Dance – Graveyard of Good Times // Album Review

Graveyard of Good Times is a likeable release that turns its half-baked moments into opportunities for insight.

Animals as Leaders – The Madness of Many // Album Review

The Madness of Many is another technically-bewildering slab of djent from Animals As Leaders.

Adam Betts – Colossal Squid // Album Review

Detractors will say it‘s all triggers and software, but it’s hard to deny Colossal Squid’s intelligent design

Botany – Deepak Verbera // Album Review

In Deepak Verbera, Spencer Stephenson has shaken the restraints of beats and bars and moved into borderless Kosmische country

Death Grips // Live Review

"For all the hype surrounding Death Grips and the artifice they build around themselves, it’s undeniable that they are worthy of the adoration they receive."

Swans // Live Review

Tonight the band are tight, almost to a fault.

The Bronx // Live Review

The Bronx don’t do off-nights, but right now they’re on blistering form.

Beach Slang – A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings // Album...

Beach Slang's latest is the difficult sophomore: awkward and a little familiar, the choice is made too often to rest on the strengths of previous material

Arctangent // Festival Review

Now in its fourth iteration, Arctangent Festival is quickly consolidating its status as a Mecca for fans of all things post-, math- and alt.

Tobacco – Sweatbox Dynasty // Album Review

Tobacco is back to melt your VHS tapes and morally corrupt your 80s nostalgia with another wave of heat-warped electro, Sweatbox Dynasty infested with glittering earworms

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