Gem Samways


Goat Girl // New Sounds

South London's Goat Girl are one of a handful of new bands worthy of the hype surrounding them, even if they're not especially interested in engaging with it.

Jerkcurb // New Sounds

An artist and animator by day, the South London singer-songwriter delights in blurring creative mediums.

Drahla // New Sounds

Citing Magazine and The Monochrome Set as key influences, the trio teeter between art-rock and post-punk with songs that are at once compellingly minimal, deceptively aggressive and thrillingly nonchalant.

Shame // New Sounds

Like all the best bands, South London punks Shame don't care if you don't like them.

Goldfrapp – Silver Eye // Album Review

Silver Eye is consistently mesmerising and hangs together beautifully as a set.

Tei Shi // Interview

Our March cover star, Tei Shi emerges from the darkness of the Crawl Space to create her extraordinary debut album

New Sounds // Princess Nokia

Listening, you're not surprised most of her peers "make her snooze": presumably nobody else can keep up.

New Sounds // Nadia Rose

Like her hero Missy Elliott, Rose boasts unfuckwithable confidence, quick- witted lyrical prowess and a masterful flow, effortlessly delivering knockout blows.

Tkay Maidza – Tkay // Album Review

With more ruthless editing Maidza’s debut might have been great; as it is, Tkay is a strong foundation on which to build upon

New Sounds of 2017 // Elf Kid

Elf Kid feature in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

Katie Gately – Color // Album Review

Gately’s irrepressible enthusiasm provides an infectious energy that runs throughout this playful debut set

New Sounds // Kelly Lee Owens

Meet Kelly Lee Owens: Arthur Russell-devotee, vinyl junkie, self-professed sound-engineering geek, and one of the UK’s most promising young producers.

PWR BTTM // New Sounds

Gemma Samways delves into the irresistible, glittery DIY punk of PWR BTTM in this month's New Sounds

The Lemon Twigs // New Sounds

Gemma Samways delves into the 70s nostalgia of Long Island siblings The Lemon Twigs

Wild Beasts – Boy King // Album Review

While there are no happy endings for these flawed boy kings, it’s an apocalyptic vision you can dance to

Pet Shop Boys // Live Review

While it’s true that the Pet Shop Boys aren’t your usual Royal Opera House headliners, their performance tonight is pure theatre.

Bat For Lashes – The Bride // Album Review

A gorgeous, slow-burning statement of defiance which only confirms Khan’s status as one of the UK’s finest singer-songwriters

Aristophanes 貍貓 // New Sounds

This month's New Sounds looks at the Grimes-championed, Will Butler-produced, Taipei-based rapper Aristophanes 貍貓

Klyne // New Sounds

Gemma Samways breaks down the snide categorisation of "blog-pop" in this month's New Sounds with Klyne

Mitski // Interview

Gemma Samways catches up with the extraordinarily talented Mitski upon the release of Puberty 2 for June's cover story

Amber Arcades // New Sounds

Juggling work as a human rights lawyer with being an A-class musician, in this month's New Sounds