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Dave Rowlinson – …and as I believe Roxette once said //...

I don't care how much a song slaps, bops or bangs, it's gotta have a plan. Jamming is a directionless anti-plan and, also, it's really really boring.

Monster Rally – Flowering Jungle // Album Review

As we sink deeper into the grey slab of miserablism that forms the London winter, Flowering Jungle does everything you want from a Monster Rally album, and more.

Lia Lia // New Sounds 2018

New Sounds 2018 we challenge you to find something more addictive than Lia Lia, we're hooked.

Clara La San // New Sounds 2018

New Sounds 2018, we're so excited for the dreamy sounds of Clara La San to make it big next year.

LIStening Now // December 18th

New Music playlist feat. Lily Allen, Giggs, Kississippi, Silvana Imam, Goat Girl, Art Maxim, Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda VHS..., Lucy Dacus, Lyza Jane and more

Gorillaz // Live Review

The o2 moves as one, united in adoration for this band that have transcended cartoon concept to become the bringers of the biggest party on this rotten planet.

Lia Lia // New Sounds 2018

New Sounds of 2018: This year Lia Lia came out of nowhere to grace us with some of the best pop tracks around. 2018 is bound to be huge for her.

NOS Alive // Review

NOS Alive is an absolute blast of a festival.

Dave Rowlinson // Penny For Your Thoughts

Our very own Deputy Editor demands that musicians everywhere stop sucking and simply play the hits.

Yo Sissy! Festival // In Five

Thank the stars for Yo! Sissy, the Berlin-based 2 day extravaganza that focuses on female and trans-identifying acts.

Boy Least Likely To // In Five

The Boy Least Likely to tell us their influences and you can win 2 tickets to their London gig at The Lexington.

Rose Elinor Dougall – Stellular // Album Review

There’s sanctuary and hope offered in this album, and you’d be foolish to not accept it

LiStening Now // January 9th

Jens Lekman
Tracks of the Week feat. Jens Lekman, Georgia, Julie Byrne, Flaco, Julien Baker, Ryan Playground, Kehlani, Lowly, Dirty Projectors and more.

New Sounds of 2017 // Liyv

Liyv features in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

New Sounds of 2017 // Swimming Tapes

Swimming Tapes feature in our New Sounds of 2017 feature.

Pictish Trail // In Five

Lo-fi electro-folkiness...

Organ Reframed // In Five

Lose yourself in this wonderfully in-depth preview of Organ Reframed festival.

Weird Dreams // In Five

We asked Doran Edwards to talk us through some music that has permeated the Weird Dreams world.

Adia Victoria // In Short

We catch up with Adia Victoria ahead of her sold out show at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

William Tyler // In Short

It’s easy to get swept away by Americana envy when you drift along to the music of William Tyler

Ben Lukas Boysen // In Five

A considered and striking selection of influences from the Berlin-based composer and producer

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