This year we went out to Slottsfjell festival in Tønsberg, Norway, to hang out on a mountain, watch some bands and eat a whole lot of food surround by scenery so great it’d take your breath away. Here’s 10 reasons you should go next year.

  1. Pop music: It is a well known fact that all the best pop music is scandinavian, I mean yeah the rest of the world has some pretty ok Pop Stars but the concentration of choruses, hooks and addictive beats is no where more ubiquitous than in these beautiful countries. Where in the UK we might favour festivals full of guitar wielding white boys, festivals like Slottsfjell fill their line-up with future pop star after future pop star, and unsurprisingly it’s a whole world of fun. Tove Lo, Amanda Delara, Astrid S, Anna of the North, all brightened up our week.
  2. Norwegian acts: Slottsfjell likes to focus on the best of new Norweigian music, and luckily for us, this means the smaller stages are packed full of up and coming, ridiculously fun acts that are very much on their way up. From Sløtface hosting karaoke, to Pom Poko making people dance in the rain, the range and wealth of talent is to be marvelled at and there’s no better setting to see them in.
  3. Views: Ok obvious statement alert: turns out having a festival on top of a mountain in Norway next a Fjord is pretty beautiful. Shocking I know, and it might seem like a bit of a trek to get up to the top two stages but my god is it worth it. Watching the sun desend and vast skies turn a multitude of different colours is, surprisingly enough, quite wonderful. Make full use of the chill out areas for maximum enjoyment.
  4. After parties: You’d think traipsing up and down a mountain all day would make you pretty tired right? Well that might be true but it’s amazing the energy you can keep reserved for a massive warehouse full of music, booze and the prettiest outdoor area going. Incredible line-ups of new music at Kastellnatt are here to keep you dancing long into the night. Also the importance of a chillout zone is noted and embraced even here, which I can’t help but have a lot of respect for.
  5. Food: Let’s face it, no matter how much you’re at a festival for the music you’re also there for the snacks. And it’s totally fair enough, filling yourself full of calories is important for a festival, especially one based on the side of a mountain. Slottsfjell does not disappoint, from the local pizzeria stall to pancakes via pasta it’s definitely better than your average grub.
  6. Tønsberg party town: Let me set the scene: Tønsberg, an hour outside Oslo, incredible scenery, beautiful water that’s only more stunning at sunset, restaurants and roof pools everywhere. Then, the sun goes (almost) down and suddenly the boats in harbour start turning up the stereo and people are wandering from boat to bar and back again. I mean they go all out. There are smoke machines, lights and clearly a small party each of these mobile party containers. We even saw one guy texting on a water ski, he was definitely drunk and I would definitely have accidentally dropped my phone in the water if that was me but I was still a bit jealous. Anyway, the city comes alive at night, and not in an annoying brits abroad way, but in a ‘everyone is having a great time and why don’t I have a boat’ kind of way.
  7. Midnight Sun: You might have noticed the ‘(almost)’ in my last point and taken it the wrong way. Just in case it was clear: at the time of year Slottsfjell is, the sun doesn’t ever seem to quite go down. Walking through the streets at midnight, among boats and bars there’s a distinct glow across the water of sunset and to be honest it’s completely magical.
  8. Great British Acts: Ok, back to the music. The Norwegian acts are amazing, that we’re already clear on, but they also really know how to select the cream of the crop when it comes to British acts too. From the euphoric sounds of Fickle Friends to the burst of energy that is Shame, it was amazing to see some of our own up and coming talent being recognised and appreciated beyond our own little bubble.
  9. Massive headliners: Let’s be honest here, to see the likes of Paramore and The Prodigy headlining in the UK you’d have to go to somewhere like Reading and Leeds or V Fest, and this my friends is beautiful and thrilling alternative. Slottsfjell really know how to bring in the big hitters.
  10. Happy friendly people: The younger crowds at Slottsfjell make for an excitable bunch but you know what, there’s no loud, rude feel to any of it (even after everyone’s a couple of drinks deep), as the crowd swarms from band to band it’s clear that everyone’s top priority to have a great time, watch some music and look out across the beautiful scenery. What more could you want from a festival?!

Tickets to 2018’s Slottsfjell festival are here. Don’t miss out.